31 Aug – 1 Sept

Posted: August 25, 2019 by The Sprink

Rockdogs Supergroup @ Brunners – a bunch of rascals are let out on stage including N’Fa, Johnny Rock and The Sprink in her TM leopard onesie. Should you want to pash 2/3 of these people, come along Sat night. BYO lip balm / meds
Melb Writers Fest @ city – scared weird little guys come from under the beds, dragging their quills, hoping Geoffrey Rush isn’t around
Curry Festival @ Dandenong – hurry
Sriracha Day Party @ Melb – the best parties since St Jerome’s, these Afrobeats events are the ABsolute
AfrikaBitz @ cbd – would hit these bitz
Afro Experiments @ cbd – and now the experiment has become a way of life and there is no going back
Dancehall V Afrobeats @ Toorak – even the south-siders are into it
Melbourne Fashion Week @ Melb – you know skinny jeans are back in fashion. I can’t get into them.
Ulster American @ Chapel St – ‘woke’ men trying to mansplain their positions of power. Lel imma be seeing this
Hop Fest @ Melb – selling out ankle support bandages citywide
Hop Fest @ Melb – selling out ankle support bandages citywide
Bangarra @ Arts Centre – the dance troupe that made it into Trivial Pursuit
Duality @ cbd – watching two Gwyneth Paltrow movies at the same time. High. Real Q: is she even a good actress? I feel like GOOP always plays a slightly wilted lily.
BYO vinyl Sunday @ Northcote – ummm don’t tell me what to do on my weekends lel
BoHo Luxe Market & Glamping @ Carlton – hey guys Gwen called she wants her beige linen supply back

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