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Posted: July 22, 2019 by The Sprink

This is CC. Model, singer, speaker, dancer, tech-nerd and dead set legend, she is a Birriguba South Sea Islander KWEEN from Townsville. Her dad is a white gent from NZ and her mum is an Aboriginal South Sea Islander woman from Oz.

Why are your ancestors buried in the QLD cane fields?
The sugar cane industry is built on the backs of South Sea Islanders. They were in Vanuatu living peacefully and then white fullas arrived. They were then tricked or straight up kidnapped, put onto ships and bought from the islands to Australia to cut cane because white men couldn’t handle the heat. It’s called Blackbirding. My ancestors got straight off the boats in Townsville and were moved through underground tunnels to then be sold as slaves.

Get actually fckd. I ‘majored’ in Australian history at school but I DIDN’T LEARN ABOUT THIS fck the system.
Of course you didn’t, that doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Thousands of people were stolen. We had a slave trade that runs deep within the real history of Australia. All you gotta do is Google it, people!

Ok Twitter & pollies tell me Straya isn’t racist tho right, so like phewwwww, yeah?
If you’re still questioning whether Australia is racist or not, you’re more than likely contributing to the continued oppression of First Nations people in this country. Racists are never original; they’ve just been on a loop since colonisation.

You’re a mad talented binch with a kewl as career, hit me:

  • Paper runs – down my own street when I was 12. I hated it and only got $8 WTF
  • Flippin burgers – when I moved to Brisbane at 17 to play netball I had to get a job at Hungry Jacks to support myself.
  • State netball – represented NSW, QLD and Aus
  • Model – walked in the first Indigenous Australian Fashion Week
  • Tech – travelled all over Australia working with lots of different communities teaching people how to use digital technology.
  • Robotics – worked at a science and tech museum where I was merging agricultural robotics and traditional Indigenous land management systems.
  • Geek – working at Girl Geek Academy getting 1million women into tech by 2025. Working in the tech space with all women has been fun and I’ve learnt a lot from them. It’s also not something you get to experience very often in this space. I’ve got a pretty sweet job! 
  • Makeup – got my own makeup biz, binch – @beatbycc

I wanna know – where are the best places you have been in Aus?

  • Ntaria, NT. Some of the most beautiful country I’ve seen. I have had the privilege of spending time there and working with some amazing people and communities all over the NT.
  • Innisfail, QLD. It’s where the rainforest meets the sea, and my mob live up that way. I’ve been going there since I was small girl.
  • Broome, WA. The sunsets on the beach are mad and I got to ride a camel. Fun fact, camels are actually faster than horses.

Best experience of your life?
Working with my mob. I’ve learnt how to get water out of the ground, skin and cook kangaroo tail, how to hunt for goanna, I’ve been taught how to find witchetty grub. Learning from other blackfullas has been my fav part.

Random shizz about you?

  • won Summer Body at Sissy Ball
  • my and my cousins had a dance group called ‘Seeds of Destiny’
  • won a Justice Crew dance battle to Single Ladies
  • was on the telly talking about science
  • I’m a self-taught makeup artist
  • & I’m just a bomb ass bitch!

I just stalked your insta and have two things to say: 1) Baker Boy follows you: 2) you love The Queen.

I’m a real Beyhive right here 100%

YES YOU ARE BINCH you are ace af.
I have deadly Tiddas (sisters) around me who are the most beautiful staunch and unique peeps I’ve ever met. My culture is matriarchal and I was raised by strong black women. I grew up seeing resilient and loving women around me every day. My success is a testament to the hard work they have dedicated, especially my mother and sister.

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