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Posted: November 26, 2018 by The Sprink

Wilde Readings @ YV (on Thursday night) – Michael Maddawg Veitch, John Wood, Simon Oats and a bunch of babes read some of Oscar’s greatest bits. I saw this last week and I got lost in their words. So mofo good see pic below-fo.
Peep Show @ Clifton Hill – everyone’s favourite lawyer turned street-artist Kaff dat Maddawg  is having this sexy show at an ex-brothel. The Sprink may or may not have posed nude for her. Also see image above for an idea of how fckn good this shizz is.
Patricia Pizzini & Joy Hester: Through Love @ Tarrawarra – this week’s Maddawg exhibition is 124/10 kewl AF take your kidsto see if they are scared or love it, to find out if they’re psychopaths.
Bell City Square @ Grace Darling –  tell Sprink the SQUAREST thing you have ever done and the squarest will get 2 x tix to the show. COME AT ME NERDS.
Festa Di Via Verde @ Yarra Valley – a party for the greens
FRL @ that guys farm – only the best music festival for anyone who likes to swim nude in a creek.
The Big Design Market @ REB – I’d like to know just how big is their version of big? Cos I know my version and it is pretty big.
Her Sound, Her Story @ the Espy – is there a single person I know who hasn’t been to the new Espy and Instastoried the ghost-man’s room?
St Kilda Twilight Markets @ St Kilda – party on the block also JLo is still the hottest thing this side of the 90s
Australian Tattoo Expo @ MCEC – I met a dude in Cali once who had ‘sand’ and ‘wich’ tattooed on his fingers.
Open Air Cinema @ St Kilda – they’ve opened it up and aired it out
5Km Foam Fest @ St Anne’s Vineyards – if it’s anything like Redhead’s Foam Party circa ’98 then BYO anti-biotics
Ballarat Foto Biennale @ The Rat – picture yourself in the rat
A Whale Called Phoenix @ Labour In Vain – musiq sung by a Rockdog with a solid tash

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