Stella – Harper’s Bazaar and vampire facials

Posted: August 22, 2017 by The Sprink

This is Stella. Bae is a boss lady at Harper’s Bazaar in Indo, hiring and firing peeps with the flick of her hurr.
She started as an intern and did a Devil Wears Prada in 2012 to become one of the managing editors of the brand <30yrs young.
Having just been on a fasssshun shoot in the Kalimantan jungle, she is meow in Melbourne and I’m shoving dranks into her mouth, making her tell me all the good stories..

What are some of the ridiculous things that you did as an intern?

  1. Editing my editor’s article. Hello, I’m only an intern – how am I supposed to do that?
  2. Had to interview uber-famous architect Yori Antar, on my second day as an intern. Like actually WTF?
  3. I had to hand-write 1000 guests’ names who were getting their photos taken at our annual event. I couldn’t use my hands and fingers properly for days after.
  4. I had a day and a night outfit for a major fashion event we were holding. But my editor then didn’t like my day outfit, so I had to wear the same dress at all the functions and look ridiculous, more ridiculous than the floral shirt he wore.

What is the most insane piece of clothing you’ve ever seen in a shoot?
We did a fashion shoot in 2011 where the whole dress was made of zippers. It was SO hard to style and our head of fashion stylist did a great job with it.

Is there anyone you work with who spends a crazy amount on their wardrobe?
Our fashion editor spends a lot. A LOT. She is so addicted to shoe shopping, she sometimes buys shoes that aren’t even her size.

What is the weirdest beauty treatment you’ve ever come across?
The craziest beauty treatment would be the vampire facial. You use your own blood for the treatment to refresh your skin and reduce wrinkles. Thanks to Kim Kardashian, it’s a hit. I would normally put the image in this part of The Sprink but as you can see, it’s quite disgusting.

Which celebs have you met who were kewl?

  • Nicole Kidman is super thin and tall and majestic like a living goddess. She asked me “Wow, it’s a long line today, isn’t it?” referring to the line of journalists waiting to take picture with her. And me, trying to be cool, answered: “I know, right?” Her skin was flawless, I totally looked like a dwarf next to her.
  • Eddie Redmayne was also impressively smart and witty and talks fast. He’s not that tall tho in real life.
  • Michael Kors was super nice when I interviewed him for about 15 minutes in NY. I thought he would be bitchy but he was a really nice in person.
  • I never thought I’d still be in touch with The Sprinkler after 5 years and here I am answering these questions. She is definitely kewl.

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