Paris – Pink, JT and overbites

Posted: November 19, 2019 by The Sprink

This is Paris. Born in Sydders she grew up in Melbs, and after skewl / uni got a job in corporate appearing ready to join the 9-5 sheep flock. But little did erryone know, she was living a secret life – moonlighting in the moonlight as a singer. Starting off standing on milk crates at St Jerome’s belting it out to randos in the laneway, the literal NEK MINNIT she got signed by Mushroom Records, and at 24yrs old…

BINCH I LOVE YOUR VOICE HARD also OMFG was Justin Timberlake as pretty in real life as you expect?
When Rhianna walks into a room you think she is some supermodel alien freak she is so insanely hot. Justin is unassuming to look at but his personality is like the X-Factor on steroids. I was his support act for the Sexy Back tour and did 21 shows. He has a very dry wit, is very calm, organised and professional.

GODDAMN BINCH what else on tour with the Trousersnake?
The backup girl dancers ganged up on me cos I kept wearing sneakers. We were performing at all around NZ & Aus and was like “Girls, we are in a stadium not a club” but my kicks weren’t cutting it so I gave in and invested in a pair of platforms that I could run up and down the stage in. They ended up lasting 8years. OH – I slept with one of his male dancers which was fun, but you know, that’s just run of the mill tour behaviour.

I wish I knew that from personal experience. Hey did the rhythm of your heart beat like a drum when you toured with Rod Stewart?
Rod is a legend. I supported him during his Winery Tour but on the first night, had to bail and go to an Audi gig I’d had booked in months prior. Only way to get there in time was a chopper. Rod found out and goes: “I had to get a fcking car 4hrs out to this venue, and you get a chopper – what the fck is that?” I’m like: “I needed to be on time for ze Germans, Rod.” He was like “Oh ze Germans? Ah I understand now, you must for them.” Then we kicked the footy around backstage whilst my mum, who was blushing like a 16yr old, watched and tried to play it cool.

Best fans you’ve ever met?
I was a ring in support act for Robin. I showed up in a T & jeans, my hair in a crappy bun… I started belting out my songs not thinking anyone would pay attention, but everyone went absolutely insane. There are some gigs where you’re pushing shit up hill but this was the opposite. They went CRAZY for me. They’re still all following me on socials today, talk about loyal – Robin fans are the best.

You sung the national anthem at the races once – aside from The Sprink, who would be your top anthem singers if you got to choose?
Kylie Auldist, Amyl and the Sniffers – that would rule, Ruel and also Carmel.

You should be Pink’s stunt double.
I was in a really flash Japanese restaurant in Porto a few years ago when the head chef spotted me and invited “Pink” and her entourage aka my friends to the fancy dining area where he and all the staff posed in photos with me telling me they loved my album and how I do acrobatics up the silk ropes. I said thanks. And would like to state for the record that I can’t even do a push up. I’m the jiggly PINK.

Was everyone on Home & AWAY as kewl as Alf Stewart?
That was 9years ago. Get over it Sprink.

You’ve just spent 6yrs in Europe with Kaz James from Body Rockers who used to come into General Pants when I worked there in 1997 – WE TIGHT. HE HOT.
Kaz is a straight up legend who got me so proficient at cutting lyrics. He also taught me to DJ so I could make money not starve to death while writing songs in London. When we all got silly tired, we would sing all the Mouse Rat songs from Parks & Recreation.

Why do you love DENMARK?
I married/divorced a handsome Viking from Copenhagen which is why I moved there for three years.

  • The Danish are kewl and don’t care at all about trends or GAF if you’re famous.
  • One time Princess Mary and I were debating a jacket in a shop and I didn’t even realise it was her until she left.
  • Newborn babies get left out in the snow wrapped up in their prams to adjust their lungs for the cold. You could walk past a café and be like – “Fuck there’s a baby in a pram!”. It’s beautiful how they trust the community like that.
  • I wrote, produced and mixed the most played song I’ve had OverBite which was used in Cannes Film Festival. The beat was by an EMC producer from London.

What music is goin on for you atm?
DJiDJing around Melb including at Wham Bam Thankyou Fam alongside Tim fcking Rogers and fellow Maddawgs Jerome and Mikey. Casual hosting on TripleM – they still remember me from when I toured with Rod Stewart – and top lining music with artists from all over the world while writing a new show and album. HEAR MY STUFF

Insight into the mind of Paris GO:
You couldn’t pay me to be 24 again – I’m way happier now. Being older means you don’t freak out that you’re good enough and gets you over co-dependency issues. I used to check every idea with someone – a vocal, a boyfriend – but I hardly do that anymore at all. I don’t need to check in with people. I’m out of the disease to please phase and its awesome.

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