7 – 9 June

Posted: June 3, 2019 by The Sprink

Alice in Wonderland @ Aus Ballet – there isn’t a medium this tale hasn’t been expressed in.
Castlemaine Jazz Festival @ The Maine – there is a pub in this town that do lock-ins so they can have magic mushroom parties and I’m not making that up.
Good Food Month @ Melb – starring Marco Pierre White who I #would.
Hear Footscray @ Franco Cozzo’s hood – megalo megalo megalo what does this mean? I hope I’m swearing in Greek
Ballarat Antique Bazaar @ The Rat – old people perform in the street
Srircha @ Prince – afrobeats party taking you from zero to 100 learn this in prep and look at them below *sigh*
Heathcote on Show @ Heathcote – I’m sure he has a good personality tho. And in other news, Kesha dropped an anthem Rich White Straight Men which I’m totally digging btw
Moja Bubbles & Bowties @ Melb – lol thought that said blowflies
Mornington Peninsula Winter Wine Fest @ MP – attended by golfers and people who pretend they golf
Portsea Hotel Pop Up @ Portsea – there is always something up in Portsea
Swing Festival @ Melb – has nothing to do with parks and everything to do with open marriages I mean footwork
Exhibitions Opening @ Brunswick – maddawg Olana is hanging his things on a wall for you to clap at
Bed Bath and I’m the Big Spoon @ Collingwood  – street-artist Goodie paints it how it is
Freddy Mercury Festival @ Northcote – fat bottomed hipsters will be riding their bicycles here, not dressed as Lady Gaga because – correct, Academy – Rami For The Win.
Oz Comic Con @ Melb – for step-dads to appear cool at a place they don’t want to be

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