Higher Ground

Posted: April 1, 2017 by The Sprink

A direct write up of my voice notes from dinner at Higher Ground.

Ok f*ck where is the menu..? Oi? Er.. ok what I just had was lamb ribs that were frickin increds and they fell apart in my mouth, they were ridiculously tasty and had enough left on the bone to gnaw on but not so much that you look like an animal. The gnocchi was amazing you could taste the grain it tasted like hand pounded.. wait, you could smell the nonna who hand pounded the grain to make the gnocchi and then it all changed flavours in my mouth. Umm the beef .. thing.. was off its head, I think it wins, it was like being at Luna Park and you were on the rollercoaster but you weren’t scared the carriage would fly off the rails. Ah.. man, was this your fave? This was my fave. Ok so don’t bother ordering, take all advice from the wait staff cos they know. Oh what was the thing you said? Yeah ‘It’s like comfort food but not as you know it’. The space is good it’s.. what are we in.. like an ex-warehouse, big open area or something whatever, who is that? Do you know him? He just looked at you. Yeah anyway there is lots of people giving the flirt eye OH MY GOD look at the waiters booty – is that an implant? You could break a brick on that. Is that real? That can’t be real.. (this goes on for awhile). I think this is my new favourite place. Dessert was cray, a mandarin that has been boiled for two days, stuffed with light fluffy cheesecake and the fading dreams of middle-aged pixies. That booty is breaking my retina.

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