The Numbers Game

Posted: December 11, 2018 by The Sprink

We were at a bar watching some randos play bball to hip hop musik in a graffiti covered laneway, when The Sprink had an idea.
‘Oi – you guys wanna play The Numbers Game?’ Three enthusiastic faces nodded. Then Tessa (looks like Delta, sadly also dances like Delta) enquired ‘What is..?

The Numbers Game
Sitch: dating apps are foul and full of people with filters or sunnies on.
TNG: using different approach techniques, singles meet people IRL, get their number like its 1998, to date, fall in love, bring along to their cousin’s wedding next November etc.
Our team: Fake Delta, Alex The Rock Climber, Dom The Viking, The Sprink.

Technique: The 3 second hold. An all time classic move, holding eye contact for two seconds longer than necessary. If they hold it back, you are in.
Action: Dom The Viking established immediate eye-contact with a lass, and rolled out the best follow-up line eva, “I’m meeting someone tonight who is a 10/10, here is her pic, take a look” and handed his camera on selfie mode to her. It was 91.5 Smooth FM, and she was keen… until competitive Fake Delta sabotaged, “Oh is my bf annoying you?” (I also feel this is something The Real Delta would do). The Rock Climber spent the entire time staring at the wall. The Sprink headed to the bar.
Result: The Sprink = 1: evrryone else = 0

Venue 2 – Union Electric
Technique: ‘Hey don’t I know you from somewhere… wait, did we match on Bumble?’ A clever lie that establishes if they too, are single.
Action: The Viking was still mad about the sabotage and was spilling neggo vibes everywhere, but ended up getting the phone number of a guy from Tokyo. Delta weirdly kept reconfirming that this bar was “double the points”, then literally looked at a guy for 0.03 seconds and BAM, digit swap. The Rock Climber spent 30min staring at the wall and The Sprink yelled at him for 29min.
Result: The Sprink = 1: Delta = 2 (??); Viking: 1 (questionable as Dom isn’t into guys): Rock Climber = 0.

Venue 3 – Hana Bar
Technique:  Negging (backhanded compliments): ‘You’re hot for a blonde’ or ‘That shirt is nice but would look better on you in blue’ or ‘You’re such a goof’. Read about it here.
Action: Delta pulled KFC chips out of her bag and began snacking (bro, were they in there the whole night?). She started receiving texts from her guy and replied with Meatloaf lyrics, Viking was still sulking about the sabotage and Rock-Climber was hating lyf. We had negged ourselves. So we all bailed. GAME OVER.
FINAL Result: The Sprink = 1: Delta = 2 (but only one +61); Viking = 1 (did it count tho?); Rock Climber = 1 (Fake Delta gave him hers. ‘It feels like charity’. ‘It is, you goof’. ‘Oh… wait, what?’).


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