Southern Wild

Posted: December 9, 2019 by The Sprink

Good ole lawyer turned street-artist Kaff picked up The Sprink for a spin about Collinghood, dark and dirty she began cussin Zuckerberg cos her Exhibition Opening pics were too racey for Facey
“They’re fckn non-sexual drawings of normal people, Sportsgirl ads are worse” she said, clearly showing her age because no one has seen a Sportsgirl ad since 2001.
“I love your stuff binch, what the dizz with these ones?” asked The Sprink who really does love her stuff.
“Water colour charcoal and gold aerosol on the most bourgeois French watercolour paper, they’d die if they saw what I did to it.” 
“Who – the models?”
“Nah the fancy paper people. I’ve made the drawings look like old photographs, and did a burn out on one of them in my Toyota, didn’t even rip it”
“You should do a burn out on one at the opening” said Sprink
“The exhib is in an old Tarrow factory in Kenno – coarse I’m doing a burn out on one” Kaff said
“Sick as a brick” said Sprink.

Southside Wild @ 12 Elizabeth St in Kenno, 6-9pm on 11th DECEMBER binches

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