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When my fave musical of all time is coming to town, naturally I get a homo-bone-o. But, and I’m going to be brutally honest, I didn’t froth.

Chicago is without a doubt one of the most popular stage shows of all time (ty Renee, CZJ, Richard and Queen L), but for those of you who are hoping to see the 2002 cinematic masterpiece on stage, I’m hella sorry but it’s time to go… you. (Ps I just remembered I forgot to finish my Big Brother 2020 audition)

With a celebrity billing like Nat Bass, Casey D, and Jason Donovan, it’s totally valid that all the binches from Belgrave would head into the city and make a night of it, which includes a visit to Transport Bar on the way back to the train, but tbh the real reason you should be going to see this is for the pure talent of the musical theatre legends on stage. 

Alinta Chidzey, who has such a niché name she is legit @Alinta on IG (and followed me back yussssss), is the fcking 10/10 star of the show. Next time I see her name billed in ANYTHING, I’ll definitely be there. Her as Velma Kelly is pure perfection, while Nat Bass as Roxie Hart leaves you wanting a lil’ more D (dimension that is, not the other D). Casey’s pipes are unforgettable, but Australian Idol doth not a Logie winner maketh.

Don’t mistake #celebs who are incredibly talented in their own right for musical theatre kweens. Because, like that time I slept with a guy from work, I was razzed and ready, left wanting more… but will definitely go back because even when it’s bad, it’s good.

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