6 – 8 Dec

Posted: December 3, 2019 by The Sprink


Sounds of Africa Festival @ Ceres – the cultural event of the year: dancing, food, games, kids stuff, adults stuff and afroBEATS get ya tickets get em now. You AfriCAN, too.
Summer Sessions Rooftop Party @ Adelphi Hotel – a weekly reason, over summer, to like Aperol, should you need one. 
Coalescence @ Linden Art G – is about art reflecting relationships forged. Is not about Gina Rinehart.
The Secret Show @ shhh – immersive, live, multi-disciplined art works w/ mad jams. BYO toast.
I Love Dancehall @ Brunners – dancehall warehouse party that clearly needs a t-shirt.
Watermelon Sundays @ cbd – its baaaaack another afrobeats dance event in a cocktail glass
Reggae Cruise @ Yarra River – boat parties are back and turning 21 or getting married is not a requirement – what is this brave new world?
Carols by the Lake @ Coburg – everyone knows one, so bring yours and place her somewhere around the lake for us all to look at.
Spoken Word Prize 2019 @ Collinghood – read one of The Sprinkler’s Weekend Updates out loud, angry. That is a spoken word winning entry if I’ve ever known one. Which I haven’t.
Flight @ cbd – multicensory hang on multi sensory, multi-sensory? IDK but it’s in the dark, much like my grammar.
Vegan Market of Melb @ Abbotsford – come see if the ancient statement remains true: beige linen doth not maketh anyone look attractive.
Let’s Dance @ Immigration Museum – put on your red shoes and that isn’t an illuminati reference it’s a David Bowie one and having to explain it doesn’t make me mad just disappointed with myself.
Alliance Francaise French Christmas @ St Kilda – Christmas themed cheese = a reason to go south this weekend
Silent Disco Night Tour @ city – Sprink only picks events she would go to and this is a solid YAS
Forest Therapy @ The Tan – as above. The trees are.
Feta & Haloumi Cheese Making @ Ceres – come make edible squares of the weeping calf food that you are selfishly stealing from its little belly for your own enjoyment and save me some pls

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