22 – 24 Nov

Posted: November 19, 2019 by The Sprink

Underground Cinema: Grand Budapest @ Shh – I’m Jeff Goldbluming in my pants at the thought
Wham Bam Thank you Fam @ Hornbury – there is single-parent speed dating to the free, thirsty breeders out there
Sounds of Afrobeats Festival @ The Yard – milkshakes supplied
Watermelon Sunday @ CBD – followed by Daiquiri Monday and DUI Tuesday
Rose Hotel Street Party @ Fitz – sounds like The Bachelorette after party, sans Osher (ps I heard his book is amazing?)
Three Chords & The Tooth Fest @ Bombay Rock – idk I feel like there’s some joke about people not having teeth?
Republique Day Party @ The Yard – so many yards, had no idea
The Dark Crystal Ball @ Brunners – I have been waiting all my life for one of these
Piers Lane plays Beethoven @ MSO – plays his what tho?
Photograph 51 @ Arts Centre – what happened to the first 50???
Opera in the Bowl @ SMMB – is free. So take a date you know won’t get it.
Apocalypse Meow @ Malty – apaz this show is epdawg.

3 weeks to go until Sounds of Africa Festival have you bought tickets? YES? Gewd.

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