15 – 17 Nov

Posted: November 12, 2019 by The Sprink

Melbourne Music Week @ Melb – unrelated to this event but I would really like to be on Dancing With The Stars, does anyone know if they’re taking applications for mediocre bloggers?
Johnston Street Festival @ Fitz – last year Sprink tried to set her flatmate up with his ex-flatmate which we all know is a good idea: flatmating.
Melbourne Italian Festival @ Lygon Street – WHEN THE FESTIVALS ALIGN and you can walk from the sexy Spanish speakers to the sexy hand speakers.
Polish Festival @ Fed Square – google polski joke – don’t forget 
Ciao Yarra Valley @ YV – EAT IT ALL
Swell 5.0 @ Melb – Point Break stars return to the beach, wearing Nudie jeans and Hawaiian shirts and – what the hell ever happened to Lori Petty? 
Sunshine Silo Projection Festival @ Sunshine – Melb’s cutest suburb name
Vintage Warehouse Sale @ Collingwood – where private school kids show how individual they are
Rev-ale-ation – Five Divas. Booze. Cheese. Acoustics. And a Church.@ Carlton – can’t tell if this is something Kanye would be behind or if its just.. like.. Christmas.
Bottomless Drinks & Doggos @ Ascot Vale – pants on the dogs is permitted
Funky Kingston @ Section8 – bloody love the afrovibes Section 8 are pumping out at the mo
Sister Act by the Mass Choir @ Carlton – THIS IS REAL
Live Music Safari @ Melb – ppl who wore Doc Martin’s as teens, express their individuality at this one
Slut Walk @ Melb – or just ‘Walk’ 
Manningham Family Festival @ Mandawg – man your own ham
Sound Bath @ Melb – spsssssssssssh. And I’m proud to have spelt the sound of a bath running perfectly.
Charcuterie Festival @ Sth Yaz – there is no chance that is spelt correctly
Williamstown Heritage Beer & Cider @ Willy’s – a festival celebrating the old drunks around Willy. 
Healesville Music Festival @ pfft –  furry carnivores wear button vests and jam for our entertainment, animals dressed as humans are kah-uuute.
Afrovival @Northcote – Sprink got stood up by someone here once, then was asked out by one of the band members – 9/10 would recommend.
Reservoir Stomp @ Rezdawg – honestly how good was Silverchair’s first album? Frogs in Reservoir.

*4 weeks until Sounds of Africa – I’m doing a COUNTDOWN and you’re coming*

PS there is no Maddawg today bc the fires made Sprink too sad

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