Ulster American

Posted: August 31, 2019 by The Sprink

Red Stich Theatre


Ok so without giving away the farm *provocative* *infuriated* and *woke men trying to mansplain themselves* might be things you’ll see, feel and lol at this play about an American actor, English director and North Irish playwright. 1 x woman who is an absolute QUEEN kills at her Irish accent which, after sitting in the car ride home with Sprink who attempted to talk about potatoes and pots of gold, I can say is not easy. There’s one moment when she has her back to the audience and holy sweet Lizzo it is POWERFUL. The audience heckled in her defence. Never seen that happen before in theatre post 1867. As for the two men on stage… one of them you’ll begin to hate because he’s spineless but can’t cos *acting* and he’s just a good #THESPIAN, while the other guy has a face you’ll know and will need to Google later and be like OMG YES HIIIIIM, and is v v good at playing a bit of a knob (lol). All go through character arcs and I promise you’ll scream at the end.

TL;DR  = the show was funny, confronting and like really good – support local theatre meow

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