16 – 18 August

Posted: August 12, 2019 by The Sprink

Winter Wild @ Apollo Bay – grow out the leg hairs and don’t even think about plucking the chin, its cold in AB
Balenciaga @ Bendigo – have never, will never, be able to pronounce this.
Glow Winter Arts Fest @ Melb – a harrowing night for the worms, strung up like fairy lights, forced to perform for the humans. Disgusting.
Mould: A Cheese Festival @ Melb – eat hardened cow-nipple drips dusted with mould
Indonesia 74th Raya @ Melb – Indonesia is in Bali, so if you’ve been to Seminyak you probably driven past it.
Hugh Jackman @ Melb – performing in hugh, Drag will be wearing a tux all night.
Smash Fest @ Brunners – anything held at Bombay Rock is gonna be a good party, smashingly good.
Harry Potter w/ MSO @ Arts Centre – I’m still recovering from the cow-nipple drip

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