2 – 4 August

Posted: July 30, 2019 by The Sprink

Melb International Film Fest @ cbd – circa 2002, Sprink and her sister walked up the red carpet at Cannes Film Fest, wearing two singlets and jeans folded to look like a bag. Surely MIFF won’t be this classy and Sprinko can sneak up the red again yeah?
Crate Digger Record Market @ Howler – how to make a vinyl sale sound less hipster = make it sound more hipster
Richard Bell Slide Night @ Convent – a session on How To DM Slide. Right. 
Let It Be @ Hamer Hall – scabs, exes, sleeping dogs, that itch… applies to almost everything
Mt Baw Baw Brew Fest @ duh – guessing the beer will be cold
Thoroughly Modern Millie @ Arts Centre – the only musical I have never wanted to see because the title sux – SOMEONE CHANGE MY MIND
Brewtality @ The Tote – southside blokes come to get hammered and feel butch; as the northside squad begin plans to build a wall. A true story.
Soul Market @ Port Melb – it was just announced that Moulin Rouge is coming to Melb which gives me the opportunity to announce I couldn’t be less excited.
River of Language @ Museum – I heard a 23yr old use the word ‘totes’ two weeks ago and I am not getting over it. 
Bendo Dance Workshop @ Bendo – lol I keep writing Bendon like I’m bra shopping *am definitely not. Fly free little ones, fly free
Beastie Boys Live Experience @ Night Cat – no sleep til Collingwood lol no one has ever made that joke before. Or the Straight Outta Collingwood one either SPRINK ON FIREEEEEE
The Blues Train @ Queenscliff – 25 years of loading people on and loading people up. Probably responsible for at least a dozen kids. I went one night a few years ago sweet baby Jessica Biel if you think you know how to party, you won’t be sure of it until you’ve spent a night dancing on this train. 
BAllaRAT Comedy w/ Joel Creasey @ The Rat – the only man I would get a sex change for.
Bon Voyage w/ Cool Out Sun @ Whitehart – Maddawg N’fa and his band are off on a Euro tour and saying byeeeeee while they still remember our names.

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