Bakers Delight, Camberwell, 1998

Posted: June 17, 2019 by The Sprink

It was 3:32pm on a Saturday afternoon and Sprink’s shift was nearly over. Auditions for Bardot were taking place that day, and six regular customers and three mates had shown up to tell Sprink she should try out for the band- which she did not because she was too insecure. While slicing a block loaf (toast thickness, no one ever wanted sandwich slice) a feeling washed over her, as someone walked in. A tall handsome gent with an afro was at the counter, smiling with the most perfect teeth on the planet. On the most symmetrical man-face she had seen. He requested an apple scroll with icing.
The blood in Sprink’s body started pumping backwards and she began hyperventilating while putting icing on the apple scroll out the back near the flour bags where one of the bakers and one of the server girls used to make out. Hair sweating, mouth dry, Sprink looked at the ground as she handed N’Fa the scroll, her face full fluro as she tried not to pass out. He left and the other girls HELPED SPRINK TO WALK OUT THE BACK where she sat on the flour bags trying to calm her farm for a full 22 minutes. This was the day Sprink realised her parents were right to send her to an all-girls school, while her sisters got to go co-ed.

Anyway get tickets for The Community Cup which is on THIS SUNDAY – it is for a vvv good cause.

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