14 – 16 June

Posted: June 11, 2019 by The Sprink

Killing Eve @ Closet-  Can I just say that Sandra Oh has always bugged me but Fmeee she is good in this NOW I GET IT
No Sleep Til Memo @ A Beastie Boys Experience –  Nemo goes to a rave at the docklands
I Love Dancehall @ Brunners – welcome to tomorrow
Bubbles & Bowties @ Moja – Afrobeats for LYF, binches
Vegan BBQ @ Brunswick Bunnings – imma be honest, if Brunswick Bunnings isn’t selling vegan schlongs then…
Emerging Writers Festival @ Melb – scared, weird little guys come out from under the couch
Sausage Dawg Race @ Port Fairy – I can’t spell dach dauch dash hound. The dog that is in fashion.
Balenciaga @ Bendigo – again, it would be a miracle if I spelt it right.

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