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Posted: November 12, 2018 by The Sprink

This is David and Palmer. They came second and first in the men’s Fashions of The Field at the races last week and I recognised them in the crowd at Jamaican Festival on the weekend so GRABBED THEM FOR A SPRINK.

Ooh accents my fave, why are you in Melbs?
Dave: I grew up in Belfast with a lot of bombings and religious unrest. You couldn’t go into the city without being stopped by cops with machine guns. I had a lot of friends who lost parents, and one whose uncle was a plumber and he was put on the hit list and killed cos he took a job at a police station one day.
Palmer: Wow ok well I came to study business in 2008 and am doing my Masters now, but yeah.. I didn’t leave. I love it here. I like the diversity, there are so many nationalities here.

How did you get into farshun darlings?
Dave: my first job in Ireland was working in a menswear store selling Hugo Boss, Kenzo, Armani – all top end stuff – and have worked in the industry for the last 30years. I love dressing men up, working with good quality clothes, pushing guys out of their comfort zone to look good and give someone confidence in an outfit they wouldn’t normally choose.
Palmer: I’ve always liked fashion through high school, dressing up for the girls. I began working in fragrance in Myer and basically wanted to look like a mannequin, they were dressed so good!

Every styled anyone famous?
Dave: Kris Smith, Jules Lunds, Michael Klim, Daniel MacPhearson, Gary from Masterchef, celebs and sports people from Channel Seven. A massive mountain of a man came in once, asking for me. I thought he was a hit man but it was rugby player Matt Cooper wanting to be styled.
Palmer: I styled Usain Bolt the last two years for the races. He is a close friend of mine, we went to Trinidad for Carnivale and the races in Cape Town.

Yeezus guys, NBD. Worst thing you’ve seen in men’s fashion?
Dave: I hate ill fitting suits. Attention to detail man, if you’re gonna buy a suit, it has to be tailored. Trump’s stylist drives me bloody nuts (as does he). I also hate things that are really matchy-matchy I like a bit of contrast.
Palmer: I dislike super-short cuffs with lace up shoes aka what Dave wore, lol.

Do you compete in Fashion of the Field much?
Dave: This was the third year I competed. First year I broke every rule in the book – I was supposed to wear black and white, but wore a navy blue linen suit, polka-dot shirt, yellow knitted tie. I gave zero effs and still made the top ten.
Palmer: I competed twice and won both times – in 2013 and 2018.

This year you boys cleaned up! You’re famous as
Dave:  I got stopped left right and centre on the day walking through the crowd. Random guys and girls would come up and say ‘You’re on point’ and ask for photos. It kept happening after too. I was in my gym gear last week and have been recognised in the street by heaps of people. I have definitely had my fifteen minutes of fame from it. It’s been quite amusing, but really nice.
Palmer: Everyone loved my green hat and kept stopping me on the day to take pics. Since, when I’ve gone out, people have recognised me from the TV. So yeah, I’m famous too.

Predictions for next year’s fash?
Dave: I’m gonna win it.
Palmer: I think tobacco colours will come back, and we will see more linen. And I won’t compete so Dave can win once. I got a watch and a Lexus this year, I don’t need two of those.

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