8 – 10 June KWEENS BDAY

Posted: June 4, 2018 by The Sprink

MOMA @ NGV (9 Jun – 7 Oct) – not to be confused with the art gallery in Tassie. Also, hiiiiii NYC thanks for coming to vist.
Melbourne Jazz Festival @ Melbs (meow until 9 June) – my ex used to live next to a jazz club and thought he was cool because he went two times. He wasn’t cool ever. Therefore only go if you like the music.
Splendour Bender @ Northcote (9 June) – drinks, tunes, duds. Its the only market Sprink goes to. Also can someone get me featured on their Insta feed? How is this Melb?
Winterglow Fest @ Fingal (10 June) – mazes and magicians. My greatest weaknesses.
Gin Night Market @ Fitzroy (7 June) – George Clooney wouldn’t have an acting career if it weren’t for his eyebrows.
Sausage Fest @ Hophaus (10 June) – also known as my 20s.
Winter Night Market @ QVM (now – 29 Aug) – only the bravest of the brave would face a winter night in Melb for a chip on a stick.
Mind Body Spirit Festival @ MCEC (8-11 June) – celebrate all the things winter takes away from you.
King Valley Balloon Festival @ KValley (9-10 Jun) – hot, high and flying like all kings do
Heathcote On Show @ Heathcote (9-11 June) – but I’m sure he has a good personality, too.


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