Tray – US SEAL

Posted: April 3, 2018 by The Sprink

This is Tray.
He is Tracei’s long-lost dad, is a US Navy SEAL and…

No. He is an actor. Don’t be stupid. Also blur out my face.

Ok. What did you have to do to get into SEAL school?
My role is not a military assignment. I work in a joint development commission on humanitarianism preserving national (and international) securities for all humans – we do not undertake military combat, we do a special classified duty. Which we cannot talk about. At all.

Have you seen aliens?
Officially? No.

Where have you been for work?
All over earth. From pole to pole. Madagascar was the most impressive because they have mineral mines there that are virtually impossible to get to as it’s very hostile. Rubies and gems are basically growing as tall as trees. And the Himalayas. Every breath you take there is refreshing. You feel like you’re walking on a spirit. Here are some photos of me pre-mission.


What clearance do you have? Aka where can you go?
That is not a need-to-know.

What did you do before you were a SEAL?
I was a professional dancer and model for Ebony (a black magazine) and Kenneth Cole. I mixed with lots of artists at the time when I was studying to be an engineer and became friends with Janet Jackson and JLo in the 80’s.

Um. WTF?
I was nicknamed Runway Tray. I was once at a dinner party with Gianni Versace where he announced the secret to my success: ‘Tray makes bad, look good’. He offered me a contract but modelling was just a hobby to me that blew up as I was about to pursue my professional career.
I am in the blue on the left, this is after a runway show.

You’re like.. everything?
I mastered the arts of Jiu-jitsu and Taekwondo when I was younger too. But the best thing that has happened to me was finding my daughter again after we lost contact when she was young. Which you can read about here.


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