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Posted: January 24, 2018 by The Sprink

This is Bree – a queer performance art shapeshifter who lurves the disco.

What is on your to do list today?

  • Check in with my set designer to see if they have finished the touch ups to my celestial womb
  • Unravel the 6 stringed, 5 meter long glowing umbilical cord (which the audience use to pull me out of the celestial womb)
  • Clean my lace front wig that holds my wig on but takes my makeup off with it
  • Practise the eurotrash disco deity choreography for the finale.

How did you get into drag?
Watching Priscilla Queen and Rocky Horror Picture Show way too young. I got so much joy from all the campness and sparkle. But I’m not a drag king or a drag queen, I’m a fabulous genderqueer mixture of both, like a Drag Quing or a Drag Queer.

Ah kewl, how did you work that out?
I wanted to be a drag queen as a child, then a drag king at uni (think opposite of a drag queen). I started performing in both femme and masculine characters in burlesque and drag scenes and began feeling uncomfortable with having to define which gender I was IRL because my two characters were just different parts of me amplified. Then I simply let go of defining it at all, came out as genderqueer, and started doing non-binary drag as Glitterfist.

Weirdest gigs you’ve been asked to do?
1) A bachelor party where I performed in a tiny backyard, in a 1 square meter space next to a huge kebab rotisserie. I had to tricks whilst avoiding searing hot meat and my costumes smelt like lamb for weeks.
2) A 50th at La Porchetta. Costume changes beside pizza toppings, walking through a packed restaurant in a pink furry merkin to get to the party out the back and doing upside-down splits in front of grannies and kids. I left shuddering, but the birthday boy has since become a burlesque aficionado!

What’s your show like?
It’s like a drag burlesque discosex cult and it’s Australia’s first cabaret performed by an ALL non-binary gendered cast. It’s a sexy but very surreal mash-up — like Donna Summa meets The Mighty Boosh.

Didn’t you get run over by a bus once?
Ha, nah but yeah but I ran into the bus! I was in Taiwan and after a 5min scooter lesson, went on a 3hr mission via a highway to Taroko Gorge. I got distracted by a bus full of tourists and suddenly forgot they drive on the right side of the road. I freaked out, pulling back on the handles and accidentally accelerating straight under the bus, until I was wedged sideways literally underneath it, as it was still driving. The locals had to drag me and the scooter out, and the tourists all got off the bus to rub ointment on my wounds. And take photos of me.

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