Posted: April 28, 2017 by The Sprink

UberEATS@ my house – the MOST ordered dish WORLDWIDE via UberEats is the Mr Papadopoulos souva from Jimmy Grants. This isn’t me being silly, it’s actually true. I eat it minimum once a week, along with a Pho from whichever place has the shortest delivery time and On It Burgers because despite never putting on enough pickles when I pay that extra $2.50, it’s a solid burger that isn’t totally gross when it arrives luke-warm. Because you know it will be luke-warm at best. No matter what you are having – chips, pho, pizza, mousse – it is going to be the same temperature as a bath that your nana ran 45min ago. But you are prepared and you will eat it in under 7minutes, because this meal is purely fuel. There is no enjoyment in eating UberEATS, absolutely none. But we will dine and dine on it again because we are hard working Gen xyz-ers and who have earned the right to have average quality food delivered to us as we binge watch Netflix in our PJs and wish we were friends in real life with Jinx Monsoon from Season 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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