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Posted: August 25, 2016 by The Sprink

This is Kath. She is 8 months pregnant and as a result, is part Indian. In 2002 she went backpacking around Europe with a mate and was in charge of the ‘music situation’ for the long trips. She didn’t believe CDs had longevity so she transferred all of them onto cassettes. She set off with a walkman and 1kg of mix tapes – most of which were musicals. Dead set legend.

This weekend (26 – 28 Aug)

Melbourne Writers Festival @ multiple venues (26 Aug – 4 Sept) – starring turtle necks, loose jeans and worn out brown leather shoes. And Hannah Kent.
We Will Rock You @ Regent Theatre (30 Aug – 5 Nov) – you’ve got mud on your face, you big disgrace. Wipe it off. You’re at the theatre.
Ski Aspen @ Mount Hotham (26-28 Aug) – a weekend where all meals are served with chilly sauce.
Save-A-Dog Scheme Trivia Night @ Malvern Town Hall (26 Aug) – looking for anyone with knowledge on all of the sports, Barenaked Ladies lyrics and where to find single men in Melbourne. I’ve got everything else covered.
Community Theatre Night – Theatre People Sing @ Richmond (27 Aug) – if you can’t sing along to every word of Defying Gravity, you don’t deserve to know about this event.
Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis by the MSO @ Hamer Hall (26 – 27 Aug) – old mate Beet wouldn’t want you to missa it.

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